Happy St. Party Day!


Happy St. Patricks Day! It is a day when almost everyone wears some green. Many people take off the day, watch the parade up Fifth Avenue (Trump Tower!), and use is as an excuse for a midweek bar crawl. I, on the other hand, lock up the wife and kids to avoid the ambitious revelers. This year I used St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to Find my inner green (not to be smug!).


160 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

To be green, really green, you need to reduce your fossil fuel usage. One way to accomplish this is to switch to either a hybrid or an electric car. I jumped right in 1.5 years ago by purchasing a Tesla Model S. I love this car! It isn’t perfect, nothing is, but it is a great car that is highly innovative. To be clear, I recognize that electric cars rely on fossil fuels, but I charge at night (base load) and renewables represents ~30% of fuel mix according to NY state power generation.

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the opening of the Brooklyn Tesla Dealership. At this event they introduced the Model X which is the much anticipated (and very late!) SUV model. To be candid, I don’t think it’s a significant improvement over the Model S, so temper your enthusiasm and make sure to test drive before you order one. There is no hurry as deliveries are 12 months away if you ordered today.


If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on your car to get greener I have another Find for you…

The next step is to eliminate the bottles & cans of carbonated beverages. My family until recently was addicted to San Pellegrino sparkling water. We would buy big & small bottles by the caseload (truckload?). Imagine the expense and environmental impact of transporting thousands of these bottles from a small natural spring in Italy to my apartment in New York. Also realize the low likelihood that they are being recycled. There is another way … Sodastream. Imagine pouring tap water (of course, you may filter) into reusable bottles and carbonating them at home to your preferred carbonation level. My eldest loves them highly carbonated. I like them low carbonated. Choose your own! We have them grab and go style in our fridge. Make the switch and you will feel green!

Now you’re Green(er), so consider Tesla and Sodastream Found!