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Welcome to THE LOUPE℠!  

As you may know, a Loupe is a small magnifying glass used mostly by jewelers and watchmakers to determine whether something is truly great and working properly. Imagine a diamond merchant on 47th Street in Manhattan closely inspecting the inclusions in an emerald or a watchmaker in Zurich adjusting the microscopic dials on a watch. When I started formally looking for and writing about my Finds, I brought a magnifying glass with me as both a reminder of my mission, as well as an interesting prop for my pictures. I found that people were intrigued by the prop and perplexed when I asked them to pose with it; however, it began to make sense when I told them what I was looking for and why. Loupe/Loop is a homonym (thank you Mr. Allison, my 11th grade English teacher); while a Loupe is literally a specialized magnifying glass, the word Loop means a select and well-informed inner circle that is influential in decision making ...YOU!

For now, The Loupe℠ (formerly known as The Find) is curated content by me of things/places I really dig that, I think, are a Find. I'm out there on the ground for you! So if you have recommendations for me, please share! There's an ADD A FIND section on the site, and/or shoot me an email,  I love hearing from you (and I always give credit where credit it due). 

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me at! I will respect your privacy and you can always unsubscribe in the future. My only expectation (for now) is that you will share The Loupe℠ with friends and family.