What is Jeopardy!

Jeopardy has been around forever. While I don’t understand the novelty of framing the answer like a question, the formula seems to work. For this weeks Find the category is In The Heights, how much do you you know about this area of Manhattan and how much do you want to wager on Final Jeopardy? Most everyone knows that In The Heights was the first musical written by Broadway phenom Lin Manuel Miranda in his sophomore year in college, but we are going to delve deeper!

Alex, I will take In The Heights for 200. 

Answer: The hottest new Mexican restaurant opened by the son of a game show host.


Question: What is Oso?



1618 Amsterdam Avenue @ 140th Street) New York, NY 10031

Hamilton Heights

Head North up Amsterdam to a new restaurant and bar opened by Matthew Trebec (yes, son of Alex). The idea behind the restaurant is Mexican street food, but the food reaches much higher. The decor is organic, with reclaimed wood, graffiti walls, and flowing ivy. The vibe is casual and cool, with great music, a diverse crowd, and loud conversation. They have over 20 different tequilas, almost as many Mezcals, and are open until 2:00 am.

Alex, I will take In The Heights for 400.

Answer: Oldest pedestrian bridge connecting Manhattan and the Bronx.


Question: What is the High Bridge?

Way to go! 

(I know Joe T. would have clicked in quickly as he introduced this Find to me!) 

The High Bridge

Harlem River Drive (@ 174th), New York, NY 10033

Washington Heights

Head a little further North before dinner and stroll on The High Bridge which was recently reopened by the Parks Department since it was abandoned int the 1970s. This bridge was considered the “High Line” of the mid 19th century, as it became an attraction for New Yorkers and tourists, as well as a favorite subject for artists and photographers. The walkway’s popularity led to the building of hotels, restaurants and amusement parks in the vicinity. Originally it was built to accommodate the explosive growth of the city and its corresponding water needs.

Alex, I will take In The Heights for 600. 

Answer: The only existing pre-revolutionary house in Manhattan that was the Headquarters for Washington in the Fall of 1776 and also the home of Aaron Burr’s ex-wife.


Question: What is The Morris-Jamel Mansion?


The Morris-Jumel Mansion

65 Jumel Terrace New York, NY 10032

Washington Heights

I am always amazed when a museum/house of significant historic importance is hiding directly under my nose! This home was built by Colonel Roger Morris and his American wife who were forced to vacate because they were Tories and supported the British during the lead up to the Revolutionary War. General George Washington chose it as his headquarters because of its perch on a hill that offered spectacular views of Manhattan, as well as the Hudson and Harlem Rivers. After the war, it was purchased by Stephen Jumel whose widow would go on to marry and then divorce none other than Alexander Hamilton’s assassin Aaron Burr! It is a beautiful home and you will see a ton of interesting historical artifacts. Triple Jeopardy!

Alex, I will take In The Heights for 800. 

Answer: A trivia game can you play on your digital device where the answer is in the form of a question?


Question: What is Jeopardy?!

You’re on an incredible run!


Yes, that is my avatar dressed up like Alexander Hamilton and this is Jeopardy for your mobile device! Yes, I have zero points! Sharpen your trivia skills when you are on the go. There are increasing levels of difficulty so you can find your perfect level. Believe me, it is better than candy crush, subway surfer, or even Words with Friends. Maybe it will  prepare you to be a contestant on the real show, or at least entertain you while you are headed up to Oso!

You now have the lead going into Final Jeopardy and consider OsoThe High BridgeThe Morris-Jumel Mansion, and Jeopardy! Found.