Food(ie) and Drink(ie)?

Welcome back from Memorial Day! If yours was like mine, it was spent sharing a lot of great food (rather excessive amounts) and delicious drinks around the table (or pool) with friends and family. This week’s Find will help you to navigate the world of food and wine, like a bonafide gourmand, and get your palette ready for an action packed summer!

Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD)

62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Instagram is abuzz with foodies declaring the next great food mecca. Yet, what if you honed your palette and became a (real) expert on the culture, history, science, production, and commerce of food. You can at MOFAD, the Museum of Food and Drink. The current exhibition is about the origins of the flavor industry and how science has been tricking your senses ever since! MOFAD has exhibits, lectures and programming all centered around … you guessed it food and drink. Earn the title foodie, once and for all!


Chef’s Club by Food and Wine

275 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10012


What if you could go to one restaurant and eat the signature dishes of a diverse roster of famous chefs from around the world? Think of it as a seated and elegant Smorgasberg! Intrigued? Welcome to Chef’s Club by Food & Wine. The idea behind this restaurant is to serve signature dishes of great chefs around the world in a cohesive dining experience. The seasonal menu and chefs rotate to feature the latest prize dishes by Food and Wine’s Best New Chefs Award winners. The restaurant is situated in a beautiful Rockwell designed space with an open kitchen. Additionally, they feature guest chefs for limited runs in their intimate 24-seat Studio, and occasionally they even do full restaurant take overs by celebrity chefs from around the globe. Happy eating!



Now that you have food covered, you need to focus on drink! How do you avoid ordering or buying a wine that is not great and/or bad value without being an expert? How do you bypass ordering the large production wines you already know? Vivino is the answer! This app has a simple goal of helping you to find the best wine on the wine list or in the wine store. It’s simple — snap a photo of the wine label, or of the wine list, and immediately get ratings, feedback from experts, and the typical retail price. It will even make suggestions based upon which restaurant you are at. And, it will store your past purchases, so you too can remember and sound like an expert when ordering your next bottle. This app allows me to be my own sommelier and have the confidence of a genuine oenophile. Fancy that!

Enjoy your epicurean journey to a quality summer of Food & Drink, and consider MOFADChef’s Club, and Vivino Found