iWish App


First things first...you need to create a Bucket List! So, how do you go about creating your Bucket List? Sure, you can look at your friend's social media sites (but what if your friends are just not that interesting)? You can read travel blogs, or the papers, and keep a running list. Of course you can always go to theloupe.info as I expand the content! Or, much easier ... you can download the iWish app. This app has many more features for creating and pursuing your goals (dreams), but I find it particularly useful for travel and leisure. They have great ideas for places to go and things to see while there. You can even create you own bucket list and check off the things that you already did. I personally like to use my Wunderlist, but feel free to explore the app which will open even the most seasoned traveler's eye and mind. You too will want to walk through the tunnel of Lights on the Island of Nagashima.