Allbirds is a San Francisco start-up shoe company introduced to me by Louper Steven W. Upon hearing of these (last week!) I immediately ordered myself a pair of wool runners and haven't really taken them off yet. In fact, I am considering going Marie Kondo on the rest of my shoes since I don't reach for anything else! The shoes are made entirely of Merino wool and have no visible logo (a departure from most shoe companies). They come in two base colors (black or grey), and then they do a limited edition in a special color, which are all the rage. The edition color when I ordered was Tul Green which was a little too out there, even for me! The women's and men's lines are simple, lightweight, flexible and soft (you can wear w/out socks, ahhh) and the Merino wool regulates temperature, wicks moisture, and minimizes odor (thank God). You can easily don these when you walk, run, live or ... count your sheep!