Icebreaker Apparel started over two decades ago with the chance meeting between a marketing executive (Jeremy Moon) and a Merino sheep farmer in New Zealand. Jeremy tried on a Merino wool tee shirt and it seems he never took it off! Merino sheep grow a protective layer of wool that is soft and allows them to survive in the mountains of New Zealand through the Winter. The wool is very durable, not clammy like synthetics, and not smelly like cotton. This material works for both warm and cold climates, buffers the body against extreme heat or cold, and breathes well (perfect for outdoor active or passive endeavors). The lines are diverse (underwear, t-shirts, jackets and accessories) but I love my underwear. Calling all skiers, hikers, sports fans, and triathletes, don't be a black sheep, join the merino wool movement. Happy rounding up!

Bryan VeronaComment