I was first introduced to the classic UGG boot about 17 years ago when a received them as a holiday gift from a bond salesperson who fell in love with them after he visited Australia (even though they started in the surf culture in Southern California). I wore them in the Winter, I wore them in the Summer, really whenever I could (you didn't know I was a trendsetter). Soon they became very popular here, almost to the point of brand saturation. However, what was great about these boots was the wool, which provided all weather comfort. While they weren't the best looking boot, they were very cool when no one else had them. Fast forward to this week, as the cool hangs in the air, I went inside the store on Madison and found that they have diversified their wool offering. In particular I found that they make lounge clothing (sweat shorts, sweat pants, and robes) year around. I tried them on and was amazed at how comfortable they are. Once again, these wool (sweatpants & sweat shirt) replaced my cotton (sweatpants & sweat shirt). While I can hardly claim to have found UGG boots, I can keep you in the Loupe and let you know it's now all about UGG Apparel. Bah, bah! 

Bryan VeronaComment