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Sort it!
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When my wife and I announced that we were expecting our third child, we sent our parents a Beanie Baby Stork. That was the last time I thought about Beanie Babies, but apparently there's a whole lot of people who collect these. Truth be told, I'm not a collector of Beanie Babies, Barbies or Hot Wheels, but my kids are, and this is the way for them to keep track of their sh*t! This app was purpose made for collecting anything, including action figures, alcohol, art, beanie babies, board games, bobbleheads, and/or Christmas ornaments... and that is just A-C! This app makes it easy to keep track of what you have (scan barcodes or search from extensive databases) and figure out what you don't have. It even connects to eBay for items on your wishlist. This allows you to see your whole collection on your phone or computer, so you can collect, inventory, organize, and manage your own database of crapola! It is a perfect way to get you addicted to collecting and doing it the right way. For my kids, who have collected everything from Kooky Pens to Beybaldes to Pocketbacks to Kaiju and Japanese Vinyl toys to baseball cards, this forces them to invest in the process, figure out what they have and don't have, and ultimately make them better collectors. Happy sorting and hunting!