12 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010 - Flatiron

Our next great coupling is Japanese/Sushi and Mexican/Burritos which combine to form... Sushiritto! This must have been what it was like when some genius put their peanut butter in their friend's chocolate. I first visited this restaurant in Palo Alto, near the Stanford campus, at the recommendation of fellow Louper Debi W. and have been waiting for it to arrive on the right coast. This place is great for any day part, but perfect for lunch. They effectively take a perfect combination of sushi and wrap it in nori (the size of a burrito) with incredibly fresh vegetables, fish, proteins and other original flavors. Founders Peter Yen and Ty Mahler fill each sushi burrito with multi-cultural flavors and lots of attention to detail. Lines out West are typically an hour long, so head on over before your fellow NY-ers catch wind of this culinary sensation! The sushi burrito is the newest food craze but worthy of the attention; I love the Sumo Crunch or Geisha's Kiss, but all Burritos are great. The next location is opening near Grand Central by November 2016, if not earlier.