Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114

Located near the stadiums, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (designed by IM Pei) is a must see for music lovers and everyone else. I have been to many Hall of Fames, and this is one of the best! Did you know Rock & Roll was a term used by Blues musicians to describe sex (Cake by the Ocean anyone)? I wish every museum was able to show not only the history, but also the ethos of its subject. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame covers Rock & Roll well, but also other styles of music that came before and after. They provide a detailed history of the people and technological advances that made it all possible. They have incredible footage of concerts and induction ceremonies that will bring you back to a time and place, quite possibly more collective memories. For me, all roads lead back to the MIdwest where I bought my first cassette (The Who's Greatest Hits...R&R inductees), listened to it on my first Sony Walkman (on display), and went to my first concert (Michael Jackson Thriller). You can even go to the site and vote of next year's inductees here! I lobbed in a vote fot the J. Geils Band because my blood runs cold, my angel in the centerfold! Go there and see why Cleveland's nickname is the "The Rock and Roll Capital of the World" (sorry Nashville).