Agnes Martin @ The Guggenheim

Another exquisite and must see show is Agnes Martin @ The Guggenheim. Martin remains a giant figure in International art circles, and it is great to welcome her back home to New York, where she worked and lived for most of her career. According to art historians, Agnes Martin ironically didn't like circles and preferred the grid, but her work looks incredible (almost designed for the space) among Frank Lloyd Wright's circular architecture at the Guggenheim. This show is quite different than Pipolotti Rist, utilizing small gestures and quiet introspection that seem to fit so incredibly well in the Guggenheim space. According to Curator Bashkoff, Agnes Martin painted above the line, emphasizing positivity, joy and happiness; I expect you will share this emotion when you see this reflective and stunning show.

Oh, and when you are there, do not miss the opportunity to s(*)it on Maurizio Catalan's "America," a toilet made out of 18k gold hidden (besides the line outside) in the 5th floor bathroom. This is an interesting juxtaposition to the subtle beauty of the Agnes Martin show.