The Milton

Second Avenue has always been densely packed with bars, restaurants ... and recent college graduates. It remains a key (practical) destination for residents of the UES, and anywhere else for that matter. However, it is clear that business suffered from the impact of the construction ... who wants to eat and drink among dust, noise and god knows what. So, with the clearing of construction, we are seeing some new locations join the ones that survived the melee. Of course, there are the old standards The Gilroy and The Penrose (both solid). However, newcomer The MIlton (there always seems to be the word "The" before upscale establishments!) is what "The" Loupe recommends! This cozy restaurant/bar located between 91st and 92nd feels like it has been there forever, yet is a relative newcomer. Inspired by the British gastropub movement, it has excellent cocktails, tasty bar food, and a great vibe. Meet a friend or colleague there for a drink and you won't be disappointed ... you may even stay for the live music, the food and the growing crowd!