Rock Junket New York

This group provides the most comprehensive New York City Rock tours. With options like The East Village Punk ‘n’ Rock Tour, Greenwich Village Rock Tour, Union Square Rock Tour, and the Beatles Walking Tour, you choose your own adventure! I, of course, due to my newfound fascination with Punk Rock headed to the land of CBGB's. This tour brings Please Kill Me into the physical realm as you can experience the actual place where it all went down. Sure, the area has been gentrified and CBGB is now John Varvatos, but you can get a sense for what it was like for these very flawed, yet genius individuals, who created punk rock. Oh, and do not miss along the way GEM Spa, which is literally legendary. While it may look like the ubiquitous newspaper/candy stores on every Manhattan corner, it's not. This is the birthplace of the authentic New York City-style egg cream. BUT, more importantly GEM SPA was a gathering place for the Beats, then the hippies, then the punks forever made famous by New York Dolls' first album and Basquiat's art! Try the Egg Cream --- it's a NY classic: milk, Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup, and seltzer from the siphon.