Outdoor Voices

I was asked by friends and fellow Loupers who are venturing to Galapagos for Winter Beak, what should I wear and what should I bring? The wear part is easy as it is very casual and oriented towards either hiking and/or swimming. Therefore, you need activewear that will be comfortable and breathe. If you want to leave the predictable behind, abandon your Lulu Lemon, and head to/order from Outdoor Voices, a brand I was recently introduced to. Their sweatpants and sweatshirts are both fashionable and comfortable. They also have a great line of activewear that will serve you well at the Equator (or walking down the street), light and sweat wicking. The brand used to sell exclusively via the internet when it began almost 3 years ago. Since then, they have opened stores in Austin, Dallas, and New York. In fact, they just opened up pop up shop on the Upper East Side for the holiday shopping season ... I imagine they will try to find a permanent home! This store (like the Nolita store) has a runner's club, early morning yoga classes, as well as ping pong down stairs ... you must stop by if you are in the neighborhood!