Only when no one was within earshot, he bestowed the secret of great hair unto me...

In December I attended the wedding of a dear friend from college, Kim H. Many traveled from overseas to attend, and as such, I was catching up with Mohammed (a fellow Penn graduate) who lives in Dubai. While speaking to him I couldn’t take my eyes off his unbelievably thick mane of gorgeous hair (at that point I was somewhere between awe and jealousy)! I of course am lucky, but at the beginning stages of a (hopefully) long descent towards either thinning or male pattern baldness, at least according to my kids.

Anyway, I steered the conversation towards how great his hair looked. He looked at me suspiciously, then he looked over his left shoulder, then he looked over his right shoulder, and only when no one was within earshot, he bestowed his secret unto me … Revalid!

This magical, all natural formula from Switzerland was the secret to his outstanding hair. In fact, he had shared this magic with his private equity clients (you would know the names) who probably feel indebted to him for life! I have been using for 2 months and while I will never know the counterfactual, I have noticed (as have others) improved thickness and coverage. Btw, this is for men and women, all natural, and you can order on Amazon!