Then She Fell

Then She Fell | Kingsland Ward

195 Maujer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Immersive Theater Arts:

Did you ever wonder who Lewis Carroll was and what Alice in Wonderland was really about? This production is an opportunity for 15 audience members to immerse themselves into a dreamscape inspired by the writings of Lewis Carroll. Audience members are ushered into elaborately decorated rooms, often by yourself, to observe critical scenes that informed his writings. Guests are encouraged to explore further and expand their understanding by opening drawers, playing games, and looking at documents, all of which fills in your understanding of the events that were the groundwork for Alice. While audience members explore the nuanced rooms, most notable is how personal and individualized each guest’s experience is — for no two are the same. At first I was cautious, but once I embraced it, thought about it, and got over my claustrophobia (really), I thoroughly enjoyed the immersion.