The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK y Mark Manson

The author describes his work as a "Self-Help book for people who hate Self Help books." This book articulates a value system to which I subscribe. Despite the title, the key is to figure out what is worth caring about. It is written like a conversation with a wise friend who is part smart ass, part great philosopher. The hard truths he walks readers through are self-evident but need to be said.
1. Take responsibility for everything, regardless who is at fault.

2. Recognize the existence of uncertainty and acknowledge one's ignorance.

3. Be willing to discover mistakes in failure to improve. 

4. Embrace rejection, the ability both to say and hear no.

5. Contemplate one's mortality.

The author is somewhat of an enigma. He writes frequently and requires users to subscribe (pay) for his writings. He is brutally honest, has great ideas, and uses Wordpress (of course)!