Coin-Op Game Room

For me, and many others, the 80's was very much about video games. Fellow Louper Seth R.'s father developed them and had several of them in his basement. We frequented arcades and dumped our allowance into those stand-up machines. It was the precipice of computing power, and it seems most of that power was being used by gamers to gobble up coins and avoid Ghosts! Now all those arcade junkies are all grown up and can legally drink. Therefore, a number of enterprising entrepreneurs have tapped into this unmet demand of a grownup establishment where patrons can drink good beer (and other cocktails) and play retro style video games. With vintage video games on my mind, last week I went to check out Coin Op Game Room in San Francisco. This is a two level bar where the entrance looks like a Star Wars Battle Cruiser launch bay and they even have a Tron themed private room. Have to say, I'm back to thinking that the 80's were/are totally tubular!