Colombier Hike

Our hotel(s) were located on Flamands Beach, as we stayed at both Taiwana and Cheval Blanc (thank goodness for my Rise gear)! In April these hotels will be merged, and it is anticipated that the laid back chic vibe of Taiwana will be replaced by the slightly less laid-back chic of Cheval Blanc. The set will be changed, the assortment of toiletries will bear different names, and the splashes of red color by the pool will be replaced by pink. We will have to see for ourselves when it is unveiled in December of this year.

Either way, Flamands Beach provides a magnificent view of surrounding rock formations and is known for the turquoise waters, the calm surf and the white beach. However, before you kick back on your beach chair, you need to earn that bottle (or two, maybe three --- did anybody say Jeroboam?) of rosé at lunch and get your steps in. The hotel fitness center just won't cut it!  

Each morning, I left the hotel (breakfast) behind and followed the path along the coast through a Nature Reserve that provided epic vistas. One morning, I even saw a family of goats on a steep outcropping of rocks (central casting?). While this portion of the hike is not very rigorous, you may have to ruin your manicure and put your hands down to balance yourself on the rocks. As you approach the peninsula, you can walk down to Colombier beach, which locals still call "Rockefeller's Beach." There is a nice path to walk there and back and enjoy this little enclave for boats looking to moor overnight. For the more intrepid traveler (lunch drinker), from here you can start heading up! According to fellow hiker and Louper Robin K., this ascent is 75 stories. At the top is a lookout point where you can take a selfie and see the various points of interest on the map. It is the perfect way to start the morning and remove the guilt of the liver damage that will soon ensue!