Orlebar Brown

First, there was Vilbrequin, then there was Sundek. Now there's Orlebar Brown ... Even though this designer is British, they have borrowed (stolen?) the spirit of St Barths in their clothing line. They have brought a tailored look (in short, mid-length or long) to men's swimsuits. They even have a photographic suit with the original Red house (now Eden Rock for those in the know) printed on the shorts. This way you can be an insider and roll from the pool to the beach to lunch, and back again, and always be in style. If you don't want to see yourself coming and going, check out #snapshorts, Orlebar Brown's design your own service where you can put your own photo, pattern or drawing on your (BF's, bros, hubby's, Dad's) swim shorts ... get started here but please don't put a picture of your kids, I couldn't bear that.