Electric Objects

There is nothing that defines luxury more than art. It is typically very expensive, doesn't earn income, and is exclusive to its owner. Its value is often defined by its scarcity. It is something that few have access to even if they have the money to buy it. These days, art seems synonymous with popular culture as it is present in design, fashion, and luxury items. Many artists are famous and feted around the world. But, art means a lot of different things to different people. The folks at Electric Objects are trying to democratize art ownership and make it accessible to a broader audience. The 23-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit matte display is a perfect place to display art. Rather than having a static piece of art, you can choose what you display from the thousands of objects on the app. I am not telling you to forgo fine art altogether, but this is a nice addition to a collection as it allows the user to engage with various types of art. With Electric Objects, you get access to Museum quality art and artists in the public domain. To be candid, I have sparked my kids interest in art by constantly changing the imagery and talking about it. I think that it is in a format that is more accessible to a younger generation -- an LCD monitor connected wirelessly to an app! Specifically, they were intrigued by the Pop Icon collection by artist Vasya Kolotusha (Little Lil Yachty featured above)!