What good is a pretty face without brains behind it? Trust me, it matters. One superficial way to impress others is proper grammar. Just as one superficial way to judge others is to be critical of their improper grammar. Grammar is a category of mine that I'm finding needs work. I want to improve the clarity of my writing for the benefit of my readers. I appreciate all the feedback to date on my Grammar (you know who you are) as I apparently didn't absorb Strunk and White in grade school, high school, college and certainly not business school. 

Since my writing is (mostly) Web-based, I've found another solution ... Grammarly. This online grammar checker extends to your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.), checks all of your online writing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and easily corrects your mistakes! And, this is for FREE! If this whets your whistle, however, you should upgrade to the paid premium which provides checks for even more grammatical errors, suggests vocabulary enhancements, as well as detects plagiarism. It even makes suggestions based on different writing requirements, such as academic, technical, and creative.