Ink Cards

I'm going to state the obvious; kids like to get mail when they're at camp; nobody wants to go to the mailbox and have nothing waiting for them while their neighbor has tons of mail. Thus, you need Ink Cards (not Postagram). Ink is an app that allows you to easily create Postcards from pictures on your phone and write a quick note. Choose your images carefully, like photos of them with their friends, when they were younger, doing something funny, or even with their friends from this summer (you know you have a bunch of starred favorites from the website), not pictures of you and your spouse traveling to exotic places drinking champagne. You must keep up the "narrative" that you are always thinking about them. The best part of these cards is the ease --- you can do everything from your phone while you're waiting for a drink. No need to buy a card, find a stamp, and put in the mailbox. In fact, you can send a card while you are at the beach or even traveling in Europe. Even better, you can send the same card to multiple kids, just make sure not to address anything specific. This is ideal if they go to different camps and can't compare notes! Bon Voyage!