Beam Authentic

This digital, wearable (smart) button allows you to beam anything (photos, images, GIFs) that you value, thus creating awareness. You can share a cause (Go Vegans), celebrate an occasion (picture of the birthday person), or even root for your team (Go Quakers). It reminds me of a political pin collection I grew up with; anyone remember the "I Like IKE" campaign? The novel feature is that you can change the images; in fact, it will scroll through all your different digital images (if desired). The interesting thing is how strangers approach you (almost like having a dog) to talk about your Beam and/or the cause. Therefore, after you find meaning, you can Beam it proudly to the rest of the world. It will provide an opportunity to share and explain your interest(s) with others, and believe me, they will ask! Thank you fellow Louper Dante B. for this incredible find.