Helium App

I am not sure my children or anyone in their generation actually needs television any longer. Of course, they need the programming, but they don't need the stationary, hard-wired TV's of yesterday. Why watch TV in your living room when you can watch it laying in bed? How about upside down on a couch? If you hold the device 6 inches from your eyes, I bet it looks like the largest large screen television ever. Ok, now that we have established that people like to watch on their laptops, let's also admit that people multitask while they watch TV too. Enter the Helium app, which allows you to view your show (Fauda?) and do other things at the same time. The innovation is that it won't close the viewer even when you go to a different app, or use your browser for something else. It magically hovers where you need it to be so you can seamlessly do other things while watching your favorite program. This may not be something you want to introduce to someone who is already a TV addict, but it is pretty damn cool!