Paulie Gee's Slice Shop

Paulie Gee's Slice Shop just opened in Greenpoint near their original  (and much loved) location. The design is 70's Bronx pizza shop, and it mostly hits the mark; linoleum floors, faux wood paneled walls, green plastic chairs (with sparkles), Ballantine beer signs, Yankee player photos (from the 70's) and an old tube TV with an Atari system playing Pac-Man. Sure, it's deliberate, the very definition of inauthentic given that its new, but it is not so slick that it pulls it off.  It creates an old and familiar vibe, but not dirty and dusty! The pizza is delish, though quite different from the volcano ash oven used for Neopolitan pizza in their original location. Nonetheless, the crust is quite thin and firm (unlike a slice at any old spot), sauce tasty, ingredients exploding with taste. They have a nice beer selection, vegan pizza options, and TV's so you can catch a game (or 2).