If you are going to represent Manhattan when you travel to outer boroughs (or anywhere for that matter) you need to do so with style. That is why you need a custom suede tracksuit. This way when you walk into the bar or restaurant others will automatically know where you are from and that you mean business. Those hipsters have nothing on you when you sport this magnificent retro look. The company describes the look as "the tuxedo of sweatsuits" where "anything (and everything) is possible." You just never know until you try one on. Sweatsedo will customize the suits for your whole family or friend group. They are also perfect for lounging around the house and not seeing anyone! Cast your fears and inferiority complex aside with one twinning outfit. Anyone remember airports filled with families wearing Ellesse sweatsuits, or more recently Juicy velour sweatsuits, now customize away with Sweatsedo. It's so dorky, it just may be cool!