To me, luxury is that morning cup of coffee. Apparently, however, Keurig Cups are not particularly good for the environment (but they are damn easy to use) as they result in the needless use of plastic. Then there are the folks that satisfy their desire for coffee at the Starbucks of the world. Most of those folks take it away in paper cups that are used once and then disposed. It is also apparent that most paper doesn't find its way to being recycled but instead finds its way into landfills. What if the process of making those paper cups could be drastically reduced/eliminated (hallelujah!)? Ecoffee has created a cup that will last a very long time. It consists of recyclable bamboo fiber which is comfortable to drink from and dishwasher safe. This cup keeps your coffee luxuriously warm. You can even bring it to your local Starbucks for a refill. Often times coffee shops will even give you a discount for bringing your own cup. You can also choose a cup style/pattern that matches your own!