Pilot Translating Earbuds

My Spanish is terrible, and my family always reminds me of that. I can't say what I mean and (apparently) I don't hear (correctly) what people say. They tell a story where I ordered food in a restaurant in Madrid, and we received nothing except every version possible of ham, none of which I thought I ordered. The reality is, my Spanish is worse than knowing none at all! When I heard about the Pilot earpiece, I was instantly intrigued. We frequently travel to countries that don't speak English (or Spanish), and the Pilot earbuds are the perfect solution. They work in combination with the Pilot app to remove and ease all language barriers. You hear exactly what someone is saying in your native tongue and vice versa --- no more lost in translation moments! They currently work for the romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, along with English), and by the Fall they anticipate including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, German, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Turkish. They also double as regular wireless earbuds. The first Indigogo orders shipped to great fanfare in December. I can't wait for my extra set of ears!