What if you could start over with your social media profile? Have you considered throwing away your Facebook page and starting a new one? Maybe Bryan S. Verona instead of Bryan Verona. Are you tired of seeing the same Facebook posts over and over again, or seeing the jacket you just googled magically or surreptitiously appear on your facebook page? If you're interested in building a more authentic social network, you may consider trying Vero. It is billed as the anti-Facebook. Its motto is a social network that let's you be yourself, explaining the name Vero (meaning truth). Vero considers its users their customers, not advertisers, and promises no data mining ever. Without the advertising revenue, the platform is social connection only. Additionally, when you post, you can segment by who receives, no need for separate accounts (Finsta, anyone?). The categories are close friend, friend, acquaintance, followers -- check it out and see if they're onto something (around 3 million users think they are).