CW Pencils

In The Price of Everything (the book), there is a reference to the simple pencil and hard (impossible) it would be for an individual to make one themselves. Through its manufacture, the author explains how a market conspires to produce the pencil and it becomes a parable for capitalism itself. EW Pencils mostly sells pencils (some erasers and journals too). It was founded 3 years ago by Caroline Weaver (above, holding a pencil of her own design) who dreamed of bringing a pencil shop to life. In it contains pencils from around the world. Each has its own unique creation story. For example, there is a company in New Jersey that produces all the elements and assembles the pencils in-house, one of the last companies in the US to do so. She opened a new location on Orchard Street in October 2017, but of course, you may shop online. She has many exclusive items and this is the type of shop the world is better off for having!