Birdie Ball

The Internet continues to grow as more and more people have faster and faster access. 2019 brings us a culture of immediate gratification. Time is limited. Thank god for Amazon! The polar opposite mentality of faster and quicker is the sport of golf. Time is long and lesiurely to play 18 holes. Access is hard. This is especially true in the Winter when golf courses are covered with snow, like right now! I think the reason that golf in on the decline is the convenience (or lack thereof), the cost, and the time to play. Birdieball has solved this problem by creating a putting surface for your home that is relatively inexpensive and convenient. You can design the size and specification, including the length, width, number of holes, and contours. This is a great activity for when you are sick of the Internet!  Use the Discount Code “theloupe” for an additional 15%!