Sushi Erika


This Fall, Sushi Erika opened to much acclaim. The restaurant's namesake, Erika, is Miami sushi royalty, as the daughter of the now-closed Japanese Market/Sushi deli. Her parents ran their sushi empire from the 1980s until 2017 and really inducted Miami into the art of sushi.  Now Erika returns, with her Mother's help in the kitchen, and has a menu which is reflective of the past and all her very own as well. Located in a strip mall on North Bay Village this spot defies expectations. Opened with limited hours from Noon-6pm, be prepared to wait, as there are 25 seats in the entire place, including the sushi bar. You can order off of the Sushi Deli menu as a nod to Michio Kushi, or off of Erika's signature rolls and dishes. No matter what you order, it is fresh and delicious. Of note, it's a strict policy of one order per table, so order a lot on the first and only go of it. Oh, and contrary to my regular advice, do not miss the green tea tiramisu for dessert!