Virus Apparel

Typically, the older we get, the less healthy we become. We begin to neglect to find time to work out, while at the same time eating out and drinking with higher frequency. Once again, this behavior is sowing the seeds of our own demise. The goal is to be more healthy, so you live longer, better lives. One thing that will assist in this effort is having the right gear. Sure Lululemon will suffice, but this brand is ubiquitous. So when I was walking past business class to my seat where I saw a dude about my age who looked great, I noticed his gear...and I was jealous! I wrote down Virus which was emblazoned on the side of his pants. They were only available at a single store in NYC, East Coast MMA Shop...hell yes! It's not gear to walk to Starbucks in, but rather in case you get in a street brawl or are planning on going very hard in the gym! They have deployed the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics, and biomechanical patterning to make better workout wear. Don't rest on your success and keep pushing through!