Baboon to the Moon

Some of my most vivid and clear memories are through the bags I carried over the years. I can still see my water-resistant RRR Day Camp string bag, which carried my wet towel, bathing suit, and a constant stench of mildew. Next, was the extra-large camp trunk, much smaller than each of the two duffels my children now bring to camp … how did I do it??? There was also my Morgan Stanley gym bag (first job) that held a rarely used gym outfit, as I was working 100-hour weeks. I have very specific memories of these items, their contents, and their function. Even today, I have a large collection of bags to ensure that I have the perfect bag for the perfect occasion. Think of it as my Birken bag collection, but much (MUCH) less valuable! Rollies, duffels, trunks, folding bags, folding bags on wheels, briefcases, hanging bags, and much, much more! However, I recently found a stylish and versatile bag that will replace a chunk of my collection, the Baboon! It carries lots of things and intelligently has shoulder straps (think backpack), so you can carry heavier loads and free up your hands. It has a water-resistant bottom, so the sand or ocean water won’t impact the contents when the waves roll-up. Also, it has convenient pockets so you can easily access frequently used items like your bottle opener or iPhone. This is the latest hot, hot, hot, direct-to-consumer item introduced to me by bi-coastal Louper Stephen W.!