Lynn's Hula Hut Tiki Bar

Lynn's Hula Hut

426 West Lake Drive
Montauk, NY 11954

Another off the beaten path spot is Lynn's Hula Hut, an incredible waterside Tiki Bar ... I don't know if you are aware but Tiki bars are all the rage! Whether you are rolling in from the marina or just happen to be out there like myself, this laid back bar plays incredible music, serves great bar food (an amazing hotdog), and of course makes to die for drinks. Choose from 6 different alcohol infused flavors and let the barkeep do her thing. The music is what you might expect from a tiki bar, which is reggae infused with some classic rock. There are a variety of tables and couches in the sand pit which will transport you to another place --- think Leis, Hula Juice and the perfect mix of Hawaii with the "soul of Montauk."