Michelin (Restaurant) Guide

Michelin (Restaurant) Guide

Consult the ultimate Food guide that needs no introduction, but was only introduced into the app store earlier this year. The folks at Michelin must have felt the burn from all the competition from the food sites, apps, blogs, etc. This guide has very informed reviews/reviewers and the system is remarkably straight forward.

1 Star – “A very good restaurant of this type.”

2 Stars – “Excellent restaurant, worth a detour.”

3 Stars – “One of the best restaurants, worth a trip.”

Only 12 Restaurants in all of NYC earned 3 stars! They are also initiating a Dining Club (pre-register now!) which allegedly will afford members priority access to amazing and exclusive culinary events. While the reviews are great and the restaurants are certainly noteworthy, the app and its website are cumbersome and not as user friendly as others … you win some and you lose some! I imagine it will get better over time, but having this app will prevent you from making a mistake when you just need an undeniably great meal!