slydial direct to voicemail!


No need to talk, Slydial directly to voicemail!

Is there anything better than getting someone’s voicemail message when you don’t want to talk? The answer is Slydial! It is an indispensable mobile app that allows you to go directly into someone’s mobile phone voice mail without it ever ringing on their phone!

Imagine all the possibilities this application provides…

  • That weekly/monthly/yearly call to your mother-in-law?
  • That necessary call to the client who wants to either talk or rip your ear off?
  • Or simply speaking a lengthy (personal) message rather than typing it..imagine that?

The app is downloadable for free and you have a few use options: free with advertising, pay $2.95 per month, or pay $29.95 per year. I would recommend using the free version first and seeing if it is something that you find valuable.

I hope you enjoy this product and consider it Found!

P.S. I promise I won’t be mad if I get a voicemail from you and my phone never rang…

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