Who can make the sun shine? Tanoshi and the Sweet Shop can!


Tanoshi Sushi & The Sweets Shop

I was asked over the weekend what I meant by ‘Experiential?” For me, it means getting out of your comfort zone and doing something awesome somewhere you have never been. It is the experiences that you will remember and savor, ones that you want to share with family and friends.

It is my intention to slowly and subversively coax you out of your comfort zone. Since I don’t want to shock the system with outer borough adventures just yet (though I have many to come), my first experience is a restaurant and dessert destination hiding in plain sight…

tanoshi 1.jpeg

Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar

1372 York Avenue
NY, NY 10021

Calling all serious sushi lovers...When I first heard about this restaurant, I was curious and surprised given my fondness for sushi and its location basically in my backyard on York Avenue between 73rd & 74th. For my many New York friends who don’t know, York Avenue is east of First Avenue

Once I figured out the reservation system (Tanoshi Reservations) I immediately made a reservation with a friend and we sat down for possibly the most sublime omakase (chef’s choice) experience in NYC. Chef Toshio Oguma artistically oversees the preparation with love, combining loosely formed body temperature rice and room temperature fish cured Edo-style. Please remember to bring your own alcohol, although there is a liquor store half a block away where patrons go to buy sake, beer or whatever is desired.  The decor is non-impressive, but every other aspect of Tanoshi is off the charts amazing. It’s genuine, pure, and delicious.  With 3 seatings (6, 7:30, and 9 PM), you must be prompt because there’s a line outside waiting for each precious seat.  This omakase only menu is reasonably priced and includes fish that are in season; you can also choose from daily specials at the conclusion of the omakase and many choose to order a double omakase in the reservation notes, but you may want to save that for your next visit. Not that you need any more endorsement than the find, but Eric Ripert of Le Bernadin fame, is a huge fan of Tanoshi as well.


sweetshopnyc 2.jpeg

The Sweet Shop NYC

404 East 73rd Street

The Sweet Shop NYC, 404 East 73rd Street

The Sweets Shop NYC

After dinner please make your way to the Sweet Shop NYC located around the corner from Tanoshi. This store resembles the candy shop from Willie Wonka (the Gene Wilder version of course!). The propieter is a quirky candy lover and has stocked the store with incredible ice creams and vintage style candy from across the globe. I highly recommend the pretzel cone with whichever artisal ice cream satisfies your sweet tooth. If you opt out of the cone, ice cream comes in a Chinese food container. Oh, and one more thing, keep your hands out of the candy jars to stay on the Candy Man’s good side.  Closed Mondays, Open until 10PM other nights and 12PM Fridays and Saturdays.


I hope you enjoy the experience and consider it Found! Enjoy!

P.S. I want to apologize in advance to our many non NYC subscribers; I promise to have domestic and international coverage too!

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