I Wear My Sunglasses at Night…

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Back in New York City where my normal life has been replaced with catering to my children. Hanukkah requires my wife and I to conjure up 32 ‘thoughtful’ gifts for my children (4 kids x 8 nights!). School requires us to attend 4 different concerts where the kids sing a song for every religion on Earth. And this combined with all the normal activities and preparing for vacation. It’s not easy, but of course I am thankful…

This week’s Find is a good present that will make all of these holiday experiences memorable and easy!



These glasses make a great gift ($199), but more importantly they represent the next stage in the evolution of capturing video (and stills). Rather than using a video camera, or even your phone, all you have to do is put your comfortable glasses on and press Record. No more sore arm from holding your phone above your head. No more not knowing what is being filmed. No more missing the event that you are there to watch by focusing on videoing. The folks at Pivothead have solved this issue by filming from between your eyes exactly what your are observing.

That spectacular Winter concert … enjoy it and film it!

That basketball game … enjoy it and film it!

That wicked steep ski slope … you get the point!

When you see me at an event in sunglasses, don’t be alarmed, but act accordingly! Consider Pivothead Found!