To Do or Not To Do…


The Finder Finds himself en route to Australia via Los Angeles. When all is said and done I will be airborne for 24 hours…24 HOURS! It gives me plenty of time to reflect on the year, read up on where I am going, and … ruminate on all the things that I forgot to take care of!

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Luckily, this week’s Find is going to introduce two apps that will help reduce your anxiety, maximize your productivity, and help you take care of business no matter where you are in the world.

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First things first, everyone needs a To Do list. My mother left me lists (like the one above), she even left me Lists of Lists. They really work and reduce the items that fall through the cracks (craters for some).

Not all lists are created equal. Wunderlist is Microsoft’s answer to organization and it is like Apple’sReminders on steroids. It is always available (computers and mobile devices), the lists are easy to create and organize, and you can even send them to people (my mom’s list may resume!). You can set due dates and it will email you reminders. While some things may have been forgotten in 2015, turn over a new page in 2016 and download Wunderlist.

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I know, you left home without signing that important document. It wasn’t fair because you hadn’t downloaded the Wunderlist app yet. How many times have you been away and you find yourself in the “business center” at your hotel trying to print a document so you can simply sign and return it. The whole exchange can take hours, if even successful.

It all changes with the HelloSign app. This app allows you to download or scan documents, then you can add signatures, dates, even text or checkmarks and return or forward as needed.

This is what the Find is all about, making something easy that formerly was hard. This app is great and you don’t have to leave the pool, the slopes or the Outback (if you’re me).

The Find hopes you enjoy every minute of your holidays! Here’s to a productive 2016. Consider Wanderlistand HelloSign Found!

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