Alexa Baby!

I am told that a common definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different outcome. It seems I was going insane when I would have the same fruitless and frustrating conversations with my former girlfriend Siri. No more! For me, this Thanksgiving is about introducing my family (and you) to my brand new relationship.

So move over Siri, and say hello to Alexa!

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a free standing Internet connected device that plays high fidelity music and provides all types of information on command. Rather than Siri, the Echo relies upon the calming voice of Alexa to activate and provide what your are looking for. She (more than an it) is easy to set up; you simply plug her in and connect to your wifi network.

I have Alexa in my bedroom (of course) and am constantly using her to wake me up, play music, listen to podcasts, ask about the weather and tell me jokes. Although she isn’t perfect, her capabilities are varied and expanding.

It is amazing that with all the devices I own, there is room for another! While you can do most of these things with your phone or computer, they are never quite where you need them and don’t respond to your voice as seamlessly, if at all. I for one, don’t like my cell phone near my head at night (even though there is no proven link to cancer…) and therefore struggle with placing my alarm clock … until now!

It is a great present, but you also might want to pick one up for yourself (it is discounted to $149 from $179 for Black Friday).

Consider Amazon Echo and my girl Alexa Found!