Credit Card Roulette?

In the process of using and researching this week’s Find I have been asking friends what they carry in their wallet (yes, I sound like the Capital One commercial). The answers were consistent, everything they could jam in!

Like me, they carry their driver’s license, credit cards, a 7 year old picture of their kids, a never used credit at Sabon, and of course their Starbucks card. Most find their wallets unnecessarily bulky, heavy, and disorganized.

This week’s Find will change everything and lighten the load, no matter how loaded you are!

img_2502 1.jpg


Welcome to Coin. A single card that stores all your credit, debit, and other cards in one. No more multiple cards, bulky wallet, or bulging pants/jacket.

The setup is easy, really easy. You download the app to your phone and add your cards. That’s all!

My Coin currently has 5 credit cards, 1 debit card, my health insurance card, and my Costco Card. You can easily toggle between the various cards with the press of a button, and you don’t have to worry about losing a card, hallelujah!

Even better, the Coin provides an additional layer of security since no one can use the card without accessing your phone, which unlocks the card for use. No one can even see (and copy) your numbers as the card only reveals the last 4 digits and expiration date.

So no lost cards, no real wallet, and better security made me a big fan of Coin and an early adapter to this revolutionary new lifestyle choice.

It is currently discounted and costs only $99, not bad folks.


Now that you have very little to carry, ditch the wallet entirely and meet the Card Ninja. This great little sleeve attaches to your smartphone via an adhesive. It costs $9.95 and voila, welcome to your new clutter free existence.

Consider Coin and the Card Ninja Found!