The Requisite David Bowie Tribute…

This week, David Bowie’s premature death rocked social media. Young Americans (actually really old) came out of the woodwork to claim their status as diehard Bowie fans (who knew?).

This weeks find embodies the “Bowiesque” counterculture and pays tribute to it. It’s a comedy show where comedians understand and deconstruct popular culture, pretend to be someone else, stand alone on a stage and try (effectively) to entertain the audience.

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The Slipper Room
167 Orchard St New York, NY, 10002
Seth Hertzog’s Sweet, Tuesday Nights

Who wore it better? David Bowie or Seth Herzog?

There are plenty of comedy options in NYC. However, this week’s Find hits close to (my) home as it is MC’d by a Jew who is hilarious, brings his mom to shows, likes to dress up in ill fitting costumes, is on the Lower East side, and only costs $5! Let me repeat, $5!!!

The Slipper Room venue is nothing if not intimate. It has a main level that seats about 40, a mezzanine if you want to avoid attracting attention, and importantly a bar area. It seems like they are performing just for you, especially if you are seated up front. In fact, the audience is typically part of the show.

The Company is key. That night we brought an especially voracious laugher, photographer Michael J. with us. His laugh is so loud and infectious that the MC and comedians commented and probably wanted to add it to their laugh track.

Seth Herzog, as you may now, is the warm-up comic from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He has incredible comedic timing, is wickedly smart, and is exceedingly quick minded. This night he came out dressed as Ziggy Stardust, wearing a gold lame jumper and a red punk rock wig (pictured above); he spent the first five minutes describing the unusual fit and feel of his ill fitting outfit. He then jumped adeptly between subjects, clearly not his written material, but insanely funny nonetheless. 

This show is most definitely Seth’s, but there is a significant amount of riffing with his supporting cast which varies but often includes famous guests. Our night it was Justin Long, Jess the musician, and of course, his Mother. Justin Long is famous for his appearance as the Apple computer guy (yes, check his computer in the photo above!) who was hilarious as well; though surprisingly not tech savvy during a social media bit.

Aside from dressing like Bowie, Seth invited long time rock photographer Chalkie Davies up on stage to talk. He spoke about first meeting David Bowie in the 70’s. His stories were incredible and poignant … It was one of those, insider, “only in New York” moments.

Last, but incredibly important, are the other comedians. How the hell can $5 buy quality headliners and up and coming comedians??? The reality is Seth must have close friends, significant market power, or lots of his own money to throw around, because we saw 7 amazing sets. The show lasted a surprising 3 hours and we laughed hard the entire time.

As for New Year’ s resolutions (to laugh more), I feel like I have already laughed a months worth in a single night.

Consider Seth Herzog’s Sweet at the Slipper Room Found!