Never too Early for Spring Cleaning!


I must admit, coming from Summer in the Southern Hemisphere to Winter in the Northern Hemisphere has thrown me off kilter. Either way, it is a New Year and time to make some positive changes. The first place to start is simplifying/decluttering your life. This week’s Finds will make you feel joyful in 2016!


Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

This book changed my life (really) and hopefully will have a profound effect on you. Marie Kondo is an organizational guru who travels the world helping people unclutter their closets, their life, and thus their minds.

The crux of the book is to rid yourself of items that don’t bring you joy and places import on the art of minimizing so everything has its place. I put all my possessions in a pile (by category) and quickly determined that I derived no joy from 2/3 of my wardrobe! There was that t-shirt from a fraternity party in college, there were those mismatched socks with holes, there was even a sport coat with elbow pads! Elbow pads!

I can tell you from experience that this method made me much happier; my clothes are much happier (ask them) with room to breathe, and I have stayed more organized because there is a rightful, clear place for each item. This process may seem painful but it will bring you much joy. Buy it, read it, and just do it!


The next step in removing the clutter is getting paid for it! Sign up for The Real Real which has finally brought technology to the consignment space. We used to just give away our clothes; in actuality, my wife’s were given away and mine were thrown away! More recently we looked into consignment options, but they were mostly offline local stores.

Then came The Real Real — the next stage in the evolution of luxury consignment. They use technology to have the broadest reach of customers on both sides of the transaction, and you can keep track of the money you are making via the app on your mobile phone. Even better, the more items you sell, the larger the percentage you make (up to 70%) AND they arrange pick up. The average consigner earns $8,500 a year with most of their items selling in 3 days. The only catch, the more designer … the better. Think Hermes, Channel, Prada … and take it from there.

Go forth and experience the joy of getting paid for your Spring (or Winter) cleaning!


Now that you have thrown out all of your stinky, abused socks, go visit Bombas for some super comfy, high tech, new ones. They are great athletic socks, they look good, and they come in a variety of colors or you can opt for the NYC black and/or white.

According to company literature they have been engineered for perfection and I can imagine Ricardo Montalban (of Fantasy Island fame) describing the features: long staple Peruvian cotton, performance footbed, stay-up technology, blister tab, Y-stitched heel, honeycomb support system, and Invisitoe … I don’t know what most of these mean but they are great socks, I have a bunch!

Also, this purchase will make you feel joyful. Not only do you get a great pair of socks, but they donate a pair of socks for every pair of socks they sell. In fact, the inspiration for the Company was the realization that socks are the number one most requested item in homeless shelters.

Last, as if you need another reason beyond the honeycomb support system, I have arranged for 25% off your first purchase if you use one of the links above!

Consider Marie KondoTheRealreal, and Bombas Found!