Art Attack!

I think this time of year is called Fall because there is too much to do in too little time, and we are always in danger of Fall(ing) behind. It is a sprint from the New York Marathon (ironic) until the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; this is especially true in the art world where the Fall museum shows and November Art Auctions quickly parlay into the mega art fair Miami Art Basel opening the first week of December. So, stick with the Loupe to uncover the expected and the unexpected; just this week I nearly had an art attack when discovering the symbiotic relationship between nature, art, and architecture. Intrigued? 

New York Art Beat
App, Website

Art is everywhere and around every turn. But, where/how can the average man/woman learn of what to see and where to go. Of course, the first place to start are the world class Museums (The Met, Moma, Whitney, & Guggenheim), and Auction Houses (Christie's, Sotheby's, and Phillip's); At these locations you will see the greatest assemblage of art available.  But, if you want to dig around and see the latest in contemporary art ... you need NY Art Beat! It is the most comprehensive listing of New York shows I have found online. Further, the app (& website) allows you to look at what's around your present location or search by area (Chelsea, Lower East Side, etc.). It sorts by most popular shows, openings and closings, and even type of media --- now you can really be in the Loupe! 

The New Museum - Pipolotti Rist: Pixel Forest
Through January 15th, 2017
235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002
Lower East Side

The hottest show in New York (if you believe social media) is Pipolotti Rist: Pixel Forest at The New Museum. This Museum is appropriately named "New" as it typically exhibits "the new" (living artists) versus the more established museums. The New Museum, designed by Tokyo-based architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA in 2007, is architecturally significant and comports with the museum's mission and location. The space lends itself to cutting-edge art, and as such, the Rist show is housed in the perfect location! Rist explores the boundaries and interplay between organic objects, nature and technology. It is visually stunning (very Insta-worthy) and provides an interactive experience which encourages visitors to spend precious time with the work (they even provide beds and pillows!).

Guggenheim - Agnes Martin
Through January 11, 2017
1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128
Upper East Side

Another exquisite and must see show is Agnes Martin @ The Guggenheim. Martin remains a giant figure in International art circles, and it is great to welcome her back home to New York, where she worked and lived for most of her career. According to art historians, Agnes Martin ironically didn't like circles and preferred the grid, but her work looks incredible (almost designed for the space) among Frank Lloyd Wright's circular architecture at the Guggenheim. This show is quite different than Pipolotti Rist, utilizing small gestures and quiet introspection that seem to fit so incredibly well in the Guggenheim space. According to Curator Bashkoff, Agnes Martin painted above the line, emphasizing positivity, joy and happiness; I expect you will share this emotion when you see this reflective and stunning show.

Oh, and when you are there, do not miss the opportunity to s(*)it on Maurizio Catalan's "America," a toilet made out of 18k gold hidden (besides the line outside) in the 5th floor bathroom. This is an interesting juxtaposition to the subtle beauty of the Agnes Martin show. 

Barbara Gladstone 64
SPEED   POWER   TIME   HEART: New Paintings by Elizabeth Peyton

Through Dec 21, 2016
By Appointment Only
130 East 64th Street, New York, NY 10065
Upper East Side

Did you know Barbara Gladstone opened an intimate viewing space on the Upper East Side to complement her galleries in Chelsea and Brussels? This new space is housed in The Edward Durell Stone House, a historic 4-story townhouse that was built as a brownstone residence in 1878 and dramatically reimagined in 1956 by the modernist architect Edward Durell Stone. As an aside, Stone was the design architect of the Museum of Modern Art in 1950. Barbara further reimagined the space with a significant interior renovation that updated but paid homage to the original architectural detail. This show is a very intimate collection of Elizabeth Peyton paintings (the self-portrait and David Bowie portrait blew me away) and both enhances and is enhanced by the Edward Durell Stone house. 

Grace Farms
365 Lukes Wood Rd, New Canaan, CT 06840

This weekend I met friends and fellow Loupers Gabe and Keri L. at Grace Farms in New Canaan, CT. I had been wanting to go here since Julie M. (Louper too!) introduced me to it a while back. Words can not express the beauty and awe I felt upon arrival. Designed by the architectural firm SANAA (Pritzker Prize winner and designer of the New Museum), the River Building is constructed on the 80 acre property and seamlessly flows between nature and space in the most grand and unassuming way; Just like the New Museum pays homage to the grungy, punk rock Bowery of the 1970's, the River House at Grace Farms integrates with its natural landscape effortlessly. This is a place to breathe (deeply, ohm ..... ), find inner peace, and literally get lost in your thoughts .... here you can (and should) take a break from the busy Fall and reconnect with art, architecture and nature. 

305 Fitness
18 West 8th Street, New York NY    
33 East 33rd Street, New York, NY
630 14th St NW, Washington DC
50 Park Plaza, Boston, MA

Art Basel Miami would not be the same if it was not housed in Miami Beach, just as the afore-mentioned art finds came to life vis a vis their surroundings. Miami is about the beach, the Art Deco architecture, the vibrant melting pot culture, and of course, the body! So, now that you are prepared mentally for what lies ahead art-wise, you need to get your body ready for Miami Art Basel. To cover the various fairs, outdoor art installations, and art events you will also need the stamina (and the moves) to stay up late and dance at the Miami hot spots! What better way to get in shape than doing 305 Fitness (named for the area code of Miami Beach). I was introduced to the class by fellow Louper Andy S. who brought his team from the soon to open RUMBLE (boxing gym!). This class has a DJ who spins the dance tracks and an instructor who shows you the dance moves. It is a very upbeat, fast paced class that is a great workout and loads of fun, especially if you can dance! In truth, you don't have to be a great dancer (me) or even coordinated, really no one cares, but you do have work hard. Each instructor brings their own variances and moves. This workout will prepare you for the beach in the morning, walking the fair and exhibitions during the day, and dancing all night at LIV!

Consider yourself in the Loupe on the symbiotic relationship between art, architecture and nature and New York Art Beat, Pipolotti Rist @ The New Museum, Agnes Martin @ The Guggenheim, Elizabeth Peyton @ Gladstone 64, Grace Farms, and 305 Fitness Found!