Singing in the Rain!

Being prepared is everything. This week I was thoroughly unprepared for copious amounts of rain. Sure, it was February and it normally snows, but there I was without the essentials for the rain: an umbrella, a hat, and a plan. This week’s Find will prepare you for your next rainstorm and you will be singing (and dancing) in the rain like Gene Kelly!

darksky5 1.gif

Dark Sky

First things first, you need to know when it is going to rain (or snow) so that you can be prepared. You need to download the app Dark Sky immediately so there are no weather surprises during your day. I have been using this for over a year and it accurately forecasts the weather (I’m actually starting to believe it’s possible for a forecast to be right). However, its key feature is the ability to alert me precisely when it will start raining wherever I am. They currently only support Apple IOS … sorry everyone else!

The Davek Alert

Now that you know when it will rain (or snow) you now need that amazingly perfect umbrella. Unfortunately, my umbrellas are never where I need them and most likely I’ve already lost them! How many umbrellas do I go through every year? A lot!

Davek has solved this problem for me by imbedding a homing beacon in the umbrella. All you need to do is download the free app and then you will be alerted if the umbrella is more than 30 feet from your location. You will never leave your umbrella under the table in a restaurant, at your friend’s house, or have it taken by accident (yeah, right)! This umbrella is stylish, small (it will fit in your bag or briefcase) and has an unconditional lifetime guaranty.

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Flamekeepers Hat Club
273 West 121st Street New York, NY 10027

You are almost fully prepared for the rain, but you still need a great hat. There was a time not too long ago where everyone, and I mean everyone, wore a hat with their suit to work (think Don Draper). They mainly wore fedoras and they were as common place as a tie. Now, I would go as far as saying that they are rare, which of course makes them cool again! Flamekeepers Hat Club was opened a little over a year ago by Big Marc Williamson. His intention is to keep the flame alive for the next generation of hat wearers. He views it as a lost art and ultimately an important way for everyone to express themselves individually. Marc is a very cool guy and opened an extremely chic store in Harlem, located very close to both The Cecil and the Yardbird restaurants. Go there and let him Find a hat that is you! Btw, I am inside, typing this, and wearing my new fedora.

sense 4.png


Sometimes you don’t want to go out in the rain and all you want to do is stay in bed a watch a great movie on Netflix. Maybe it is the weekend and your outdoor activities have been cancelled … dare to dream! However, if you are in the unfortunate position that you are all caught up on your Netflix shows like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black, then you need to Find something else to watch. If you don’t want to spend the first hour browsing and wasting your time, you must sign up for Sense. This is a text service that will make excellent movie recommendations almost immediately. It was started by Jake Cohn who grew frustrated (like me and everyone else) of spending countless hours looking for the right program to watch among the unlimited number of options available. His vision was an experience where you could just say what type of movie you are looking for and receive super relevant suggestions. At Sense they have built a uniquely tailored selection process which is powered by Artificial Intelligence, but also a ton of human curation/intuition. Avoid being stuck watching previews, or worse yet, Sleepless in Seattle when you’re stuck home in the rain!

Consider yourself prepared for the rain and Dark SkyThe Davek AlertFlamekeepers, and Sense Found!