Riding Solo

I have a confession … sometimes I just want to be alone. This is ironic given the fact that I have a gaggle of children and live in one of the densest cities in the world. However, the genius of a large city is you can escape without ever leaving. This week’s Findshows you some of my secrets to being alone!

vibes 1.png


These well designed, inexpensive ($19.99), and nearly invisible ear plugs block out noise pollution allowing you to focus internally on what you are doing (being alone!). Recently I was sitting in the back of the plane where there seems to be a higher concentration of screaming babies. This is a very strange phenomenon, particularly given the fact that people can choose their own seats, but accept it as fact. To be clear, I love babies and it comes with the territory on commercial flights; however, what if I told you there was a device that blocked out the range of noises that babies made and the sounds of the jet engines? Well, there is and they are called Vibes! Additionally, they are perfect for a concert or an event (bar mitzvah?) where the music is too loud and potentially damaging to your ears. Rather than shoving foam in your ears, you can wear this nearly invisible device which lowers the entire range of decibels from treble to bass, so you hear the music as it was intended. These will help you to be alone while in the presence of others!

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OMG I Can Meditate

Now that you have found a device to help you focus internally, you need to find peace within yourself. So take out your ear plugs and replace them with your earphones (PowerBeats2), download the OMG I Can Meditate app, and begin your very own meditation practice. The founder Lynne Goldberg (pictured above) described herself as a “stressed-out, sleep-deprived, Gucci-toting, type-A businesswoman” … does this sound like any of you? After a series of life setbacks, she found that yoga and guided meditation substantially improved her quality of life and OMG is her attempt to share her findings.

If you look through the offering, there is something for everyone. She suggests that you start with the daily routine so you get a basic understanding of how to do the practice before you delve deeper. After, you can browse the other specialty meditations (Relationships, Relaxation, Insomnia) that may relate more closely to what you are thinking or feeling. If you want to give it a test run (special to The Find subscribers!) please follow the link below:

Free two week trial!

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Salvation Burger
230 E 51st St, New York, NY 10022

Ok, enough posting about Black Tap, The Find is onto the next great burger spot!

When I am solo and hungry, I frequently find myself at Melons for burger, fries and a beer. However, despite its excellence and proximity to my apartment, it is clearly more of a bar than a gastronomic experience. A newcomer to Midtown East is Salvation Burger. Grab yourself a seat at the kitchen counter (they don’t take reservations) and watch the production of burgers that looks more like a ballet than a kitchen. Chef April Bloomfield (pictured above) runs a tight ship with exacting standards. I barely pulled my phone out of my pocket (other than to take the pictures above) as I found the open kitchen extremely entertaining.

The chef, April Bloomfield, is the genius behind Michelin starred Spotted Pig in the West Village and The Breslin — Salvation Burger has been open for all of two weeks at this writing. I am a traditionalist and went for the Salvation Burger (I am a sucker for food bearing the restaurants name), The Dog House (I am from Chicago), and of course fries. Since I was alone I regrettably didn’t partake in the amazing looking milkshakes or desserts.

Sure, you can go with a group and share desserts, but places that don’t take reservations are perfect for a party of one. Check it out while you can still get in!

Enjoy your own company and consider VibesOMG I Can Meditate, and Salvation Burger Found!