Homeward Bound

I hope you had a great weekend. I don’t know about you, but I am already tired of the extremely cold weather and it is only mid-February! There are two rational choices, leave town for warmer weather and/or don’t leave your house!  Sometimes we can’t leave town, so this week’s Find provides you the ability to stay at home in extreme comfort!

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Maroni Hot Pots
307 East 77th Street, NYC, NY 10021

I have a confession … I am not a great cook but I love a home cooked meal. This is probably something I will solve in future Finds, but for now I either have to eat out or order in. Further, I am of the view that very few foods travel well (except for pizza and Chinese food). However, at the recommendation of Jennifer G., I tried a new entrant into the Manhattan restaurant and delivery scene and was blown away!

A husband and wife team (Michael and Maria Maroni) have a very successful restaurant in Northport and decided to try their hand in NYC. The restaurant serves Grandma Maroni’s 100 year-old recipes that are excellent (do go!), but the surprising innovation is the reusable red hot pots they deliver their food in. The hot pots make you feel like you are eating dinner straight from your stove and that it is a genuine home cooked meal. The hot pots are designed to keep the meal warmer for an extended period of time, unlike traditional take out ware (paper and plastic!). The hot pots are yours to keep or if you are green (like me), you can return them and get $ back on your next order. So … when it is below freezing, call Maroni Hot Pots and order meatballs (and other Italian favorites) like your mama (not mine) used to make from the comfort of your own home!


Now that you are well fed, it is time to open your body and mind with yoga, massage, pilates, and/or meditation. Again, why venture outside into the cold when you can order high quality practitioners to your very own home! Say hello to Namaste which is a customized wellness service available in your house or hotel in New York City, the Hamptons, Westchester/CT, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Beach, and Aspen.

Namaste was started by husband and wife team Michael and Julie Wald. Julie is trained as a social worker and began to successfully apply the power of Eastern philosophy (yoga and meditation) to her life. They have certified over 500 wellness pros, trained at multiple modalities, who excel at the service they provide. My wife, who is a very picky massage junkie, has been raving about them to me for months. The key point is that she has never had a bad therapist or instructor where she felt trapped for the session!

Unlike their competitors, Namaste provides a wide range of services including yoga, massage, meditation, pilates, and personal training. They provide an offering catered to the individual rather than an Uber-like service that places the practitioner that is closest and available. In fact, each customer’s tastes and needs are communicated before the service and are in their file — hence, no need to say deep work, no elbows, short yoga holds, etc. They already know!

They are not a technology company, all you have to do is email them (text coming soon) atbook@namasteny.com to make an appointment. Pricing depends upon where you are and what you are doing, but typically ranges from $150-285. For a limited time The Find subscribers can have a free (!!!) consultation with founder and owner Julie Wald if you mention The Find in the subject line. She is a great person and more importantly will steer you in the right direction given her vast experience of improving people’s wellness. And, who doesn’t want to spend some time talking all about you — your tastes, your aches and pains, your goals.


Consider Maroni Hot Pots and Namaste Found, now you have to figure out the Netflix and Chill!